User Agreement


The following definitions have meanings given to them below:

Browser is software meant for web browsing, receipt and exchange of data on the Internet, and use of opportunities of online services available on the Internet;

Service is an online service provided by available at the address while using the Browser;

Content is text, graphical, audio, video, and other (multimedia) materials (including audiovisual works) placed on the Service;

User is a physical person, using the Internet.


2.1. Online service hereinafter referred as to offers the User to employ the Service according to terms stated in the text of the present agreement (Agreement, User Agreement).

2.2. Starting to use the Service via the Browser, being registered or without registration, the User confirms or is considered to confirm terms of the Agreement fully, without any clauses or exceptions. In case if the User does not agree to some terms of Agreement provisions, he has not the right to use the Service. In case if made some changes in the Agreement in a manner stipulated in the present Agreement, with which the User does not agree, he is obliged to terminate using the Service.


3.1. In order to employ Service functions, the User has to pass the registration procedure, in a result of which the User will get a unique account.

3.2. For registration, the User chooses his login (pseudonym, nickname) independently, indicates an electronic address (e-mail) and a password. has the right to ban the use of definite logins and also establish requirements to login and password (length, admissible symbols, etc.). The User provides information about his login to general public.

3.3. The User bears responsibility for safety (stability to guessing) of means chosen by him for access to an account (password) independently and also provides their confidentiality on his own. The User is responsible for all actions/inactions (and also their consequences) within the framework or with use of the Service in the User’s account, including cases of User’s voluntary transfer of account data to third parties on any terms (including those in contracts and agreements). At that, all actions within the framework or with use of the Service in the User’s account are considered to be made by the User himself.

3.4. is entitled to block or delete the User’s account and also forbid an access to use the User’s account on the Service or its separate functions, including the cases when the User violates either the terms of the Agreement or legislation of the Russian Federation and does not use the Service for a long time.


4.1. The Service gives the User an opportunity:

4.1.1. to get information about best sites from different categories and regions;

4.1.2. to take part in voting offered to the User;

4.1.3. to participate in competitions, rules of which are determined by and are published on the Service.

4.2. In addition to indicated clause 4.1 of this Agreement, the User may be provided with other opportunities.

4.3. has the right to limit some or all Service functions fully and/or for a separate User at any time and without early warning.

4.4. To employ the Service, the User must have an access to the Internet with the help of the User’s device, on which the Browser is installed.

4.5. The User gives his consent to get direct informative messages connected with the process, ways of usage, changes in Service functions, information referring to Service operation, ads, and other data (public competitions, news about sport events, and so on), including but not limited by push notifications and e-mails. The User is entitled to refuse getting notifications and messages from when the service provides this technical opportunity.


5.1. The User has not the right to copy or extract some Content from the Service and distribute or use it in a way forbidden and not technically foreseen by the Service without preliminary written consent of

5.2. The User admits and confirms that Service Content may present itself objects of intellectual and other rights of persons. In case of their illegal use, he might bear civil, administrative, and criminal responsibility.


The User may be informed of advertisements, including but not limited to text, visual, audiovisual, and others, both targeted and personified. He confirms the consent on their delivery. The User verifies that is entitled to permit third parties, including publishers and advertising networks, to show advertisements on the Service. Some of these companies might place cookie files on your computer to identify it every time they send you their advertisements. It gives them an opportunity to understand where you or other users of your computer have seen their advertisement and show the one they consider interesting for you. does not control the usage of cookies by the mentioned companies. If you do not want the information about your behavior to be available for third parties, you can forbid collecting data. Some of these companies are members of the program Network Advertising Initiative, NAI, giving an opportunity to refuse from placing identifying cookie files. Please, visit the website of this program at the address: We pay your attention that if the User refuses to employ his information for spreading advertisement, taking into account his interests, he will continue seeing advertisements on the Services, but they might be irrelevant for the User.


7.1. In the context of the present Agreement, ‘User’s Information’ should be understood as:

7.1.1. information which the User provides about him independently during registration (creation of account) or Service application. Information that is obligatory for providing the Service is indicated in the 3rd section of the User Agreement ‘Registration and User Account’. Other data are rendered by the User at his discretion.

7.1.2. User’s data that are automatically conveyed to the Service during its usage with the help of the software installed on User’s device, including IP address, cookie files, technical parameters of equipment and software used by the User, date and time of access to the Services, addresses of requested pages, and another information like this.

7.2. collects, processes, and saves only that User’s information which is needed for providing the Service and execution of the present Agreement, giving the User support with Service functioning, except for cases when legislation envisages obligatory information storage within the term determined by law.

7.3. processes the User’s information with the following purposes:

7.3.1. identification of the party within the framework of the Service;

7.3.2. providing the User with a personalized information and execution of agreements and contracts;

7.3.3. communication with the User, including notifications, requests, and information, referring to Service use, and also processing of requests and claims from the User;

7.3.4. improving the Service quality, convenience of use, and working-out of new Service functions;

7.3.5. targeting of advertisement materials;

7.3.6. carrying out of statistical and other researches;

7.3.7. law execution of the Russian Federation.

7.4. Regarding User’s information, confidentiality is saved, except for voluntary providing of User’s information by himself for common access to general public, including data indicated in the clause 3.2 of the Agreement. While using separate Service functions, the User agrees that the definite part of his information becomes public.

7.5. The User agrees to convey his information to provide it to third parties in the following cases:

7.5.1. transfer is necessary for the User to employ the definite Service function for Agreement execution;

7.5.2. transfer is foreseen by the Russian or another applicable legislation within the framework of the procedure established by it;

7.5.3. this transfer occurs in the context of selling or other business conveying (fully or partly); at that, all obligations on adherence to the terms of the present Policy with reference to a personal information got by him proceed to a getter;

7.5.4. with a view to provide an opportunity to protect the rights and legitimate interests of Soccer Fan Clun or third parties in cases when the User violates the present Agreement;

7.5.5. depersonalized statistical data are received as a result of information processing of the User by means of depersonalization, these data are conveyed to a third party for providing researches, making work, or rendering services on behalf of

7.6. Cookie files conveyed by to User’s equipment and vice versa may be employed by it for providing the User with personalized information, targeting of advertisement that is shown to the User, with statistical and research aims, and Service improvement.

7.7. The structure of cookies, their contents and technical parameters are determined by and might be changed without prior notification of the User.

7.8. Counters placed on the Service by can be employed to analyze User’s cookies, collect and process statistical information about Service use, and also secure performance of Services on the whole or their separate functions in particular. Technical parameters of counter work are defined by and can be changed without prior notification of the User.

7.9. takes necessary and sufficient organization and technical measures to protect User’s information from unequal or occasional access, elimination, change, blocking, copying, spreading, and other unequal actions with it by third parties.

7.10. While viewing any page of this website, the page itself is being downloaded to your computer, as well as a small text file under the name ‘cookie’. Many sites are using these files because cookie allows making lots of helpful things. Information which we get with the help of cookie files helps us to provide you with our services in the most convenient way for you. uses several types of cookie:

‒ Cookie for user authentication at the website: we remember users, and it gives us an opportunity not to login every time anew.

You can turn off cookie in safety settings of your browser. It is important to understand that settings must be applied in all browsers you use (on computer and mobile phone). In case if you decide to switch off cookie, some site functions stop to be available for you or may work unexpectedly.


8.1. The User employs the Service at his own risk. Services are provided as they are. does not bear any responsibility, including conformity of the Service to User’s purposes.

8.2. does not guarantee that: the Service meets/will meet User’s requirements; the Service will be provided uninterruptedly, quickly, reliably, and without mistakes; results that may be received with the help of the Service will be accurate and trustworthy and can be used for some purposes or in some capacity (for example, to ascertain and/or confirm some facts); quality of some product, service, information, and others got with the help of the Service will meet User’s expectations.

8.3. The Service, including advertisement materials placed on it, might contain links/buttons, allowing the User to switch to Internet sites of third parties and/or audio/video/text materials placed on them (hereinafter ‒ ‘Content of third parties’). Such links/buttons and also the Content of third parties are not checked by on meeting User’s requirements, standards of the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the present Agreement. does not bear responsibility for any information, materials placed at Internet sites of third parties, to which the User receives an access during the Service use, including any opinions or statements expressed at Internet sites of third parties, advertisement, etc., and also availability (service level) of such Internet sites or Content of third parties and consequences of their utilization and clicks at such Internet sites for the User.

8.4. The User may employ any information and/or materials (including installed programmes for computers, letters, some instructions and guides, etc.), access to which the User gets with Service use, at his own risk and bears responsibility for possible consequences of indicated information and/or materials use independently, including damage that it might cause to a computer and/or mobile device of the User or third parties, for data load or another harm.

8.5. Neither recommendations nor data received by the User from or with the help of services orally or in writing apply to guarantees different from those stipulated in terms of the present Agreement.

8.6. does not bear responsibility for any type of damages caused in consequence of application of the Service or separate parts/functions by the User.


9.1. The present Agreement presents itself a legally binding contract between the User and relative to use arrangements of the Service and replaces all the previous agreements between the User and

9.2. The present Agreement is regulated and interpreted according to legislation of the Russian Federation. Questions not regulated by the present Agreement are subject to resolution in conformity with legislation of the Russian Federation. All possible disputes, following the relations regulated by the present Agreement, are resolved in accordance with legislation of the Russian Federation in force and rules of Russian law. Legislation of the Russian Federation is meant by the term ‘legislation’ everywhere in the text of the present Agreement unless otherwise specified.

9.3. Nothing in the Agreement may be interpreted as establishing of agent, partnership, collaboration, employment, or other relations not stipulated by the Agreement directly between the User and

9.4. If one or several provisions of the present Agreement are admitted as void or not having legal force on account of given reasons, it does not influence validity or applicability of other Agreement provisions.

9.5. Inaction from the direction of in case of violation of Agreement provisions by the User or other users does not deprive of his right to take corresponding actions in defense of their interests later and also does not mean denial of of their rights in case of similar damages afterwards.

9.6. The present Agreement is compiled in English Language.

9.7. has the right to change any term of the present Agreement without prior notification of the User. If the latter does not agree with changed terms, the User must terminate using the Service. Continuation of employing the Service by the User confirms his consent with changed Agreement terms.